Leo Jingyu Lee (PhD)

I am a senior research scientist in the Probabilistic and Statistical Inference (PSI) Group (or Frey Lab), which is housed in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and affiliated with the Department of Computer ScienceDonnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research and Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. I am responsible for leading research projects in computational biology and machine learning, recruiting/advising students and general lab management. I used to consult for Deep Genomics and now have a part-time appointment at BGI-research.

I started as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in the same lab more than a decade ago, collaborating closely with Benjamin Blencowe’s and Timothy Hughes’ labs in the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research. I did my PhD in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at University of Waterloo with Paul Fieguth, during which I also worked at Microsoft Research with Li Deng and Hagai Attias.


Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Toronto
10 King’s College Road
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G4

Tel: (+1) 416-946-8673; Fax: (+1) 416-978-4425
Office: BA-4106 (Bahen Centre, 40 St George St)
Email: ljlee AT psi DOT toronto DOT edu